Online Program Management

MBE has researched closely the trends in education technology around the world and has solicited top professionals and partnered with world-class education technology companies to bring a “complete solution” approach to our education and industry customers and partners in Vietnam.  In the “education” space, this model of support originated in the USA and is commonly referred to as “online program management” or OPM.

OPMs in the USA to provide an assortment of both technology and service systems to help universities launch and manage online degree programs.  Now with online learning spanning the globe, OPM solution providers, like MBE, are focusing on the international market place.

While studying. and learning from the challenges and successes of USA based OPM companies, MBE is selecting solution experts and platform providers from all over the world to ensure functional excellence, system value and quality are bridged together in its delivered solutions.  MBE is bridging education technology systems, digital content optimization, professional development, and program consulting services to guarantee its customers/partners (and students) meet their objectives in all key areas of online and blended learning delivery.


High quality foreign teachers

We have a wide network of highly qualified and certified teachers and lecturers from countries such including (but not limited to) UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. MBE can promptly recruit teachers of Mathematics, Science, English and more to work in foreign language centers, schools, universities.

On request service of Information Technology solutions

With a group of almost 40 programmers in the U.S and Vietnam branches, MBE is ready to supply customized software development services for your every need. MBE uses Agile as a software development process to produce the highest quality and cost-effective IT solutions.


Digitalization Service

Digital lessons and coursewares are the core values ​​of digital training programs.

– Our Lesson Digitalization Service strongly supports schools, educational institutions, and enterprises to build their digital training content.
– Digital lessons are suitable for all teaching and learning types, digital internal training or blended learning.
Benefits of using IDEAS Digitalization Service:
+ Content standardization: the advisory team is teachers with many years of experience and experts in all popular professions.
+ High interaction: ensuring interaction between students and lesson content as traditional teaching and training.
+ Cost optimization: lessons and materials are digitalized once, and able to be reused anytime, anywhere.
+ Professional process: applying the professional ADDIE process, delivering high-quality products.