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Amazing ease of use for learners, instructors, and administrators. dialogEDU is a unique technology that provides digital learning and personalized education in an online classroom. Features that include simulation tools, targeting, virtual student locker and segmentation all facilitate online learning and provide the tools necessary to measure learning outcomes.


  Learning Repository

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Simulation Engine

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Available online programs to Vietnam

Available online programs to Vietnam



Rodrigo Menchaca B. MC, PhD

CEO of AIS Channel (Advances in Surgery Channel)

“dialogEDU provides a first-class digital educational environment for the learners, instructors and administrators. dialogEDU is a perfect solution for providing an online system to deliver courses with our surgical video assets, which we capture real-time in operating rooms throughout the world. The platform’s features allow discussion boards, simulations, multi-media assets and quizzes for offering an excellent learning experience for students.”


Leonard F. Favara, Jr., Ph.D.

President of Central Christian College of Kansas

“dialogEDU was able to amplify our efforts and transform our ideas and aspirations into a robust and durable virtual campus.”


R. Esther Curry

Principal, City College

“dialogEDU responds to everyone’s requirements and provides an excellent digital learning environment for City College students. It is very easy for students to navigate through the online classroom environment and complete their coursework. The faculty find the system easy to use to post comments and engage with students through emails, messaging, grade book, and the discussion threads. The platform’s features provide a variety of learning tools that offer assessment methods associated with evaluating student performance and helping to create successful learning outcomes.”


Dolores Stafford

President & CEO D. Stafford & Associates NACCOP

“The dialogEDU team thinks strategically and works with my team to make sure that my vision is carried to fruition seamlessly. I have never experienced this type of support in a technology company before and am very grateful for how they have gone above and beyond.”






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