5 Reasons Your School Needs MBE Teachnology

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Blackboards and tech-free classrooms have been the norm for decades, and if the trend is to be believed, students and schools are doing just fine, holding on to traditional ways of learning, teaching, and managing data. Students are doing fine learning from a limited set of textbooks, relying on teachers’ instructions. The one size fits all approach by teachers may not be as effective, but most students seem to be learning fine through traditional ways. Teachers are overwhelmed with resources, with not enough support for curation, but the system seems to be working fine for now. Administration and repetitive tasks although time-consuming, work fine with the current system.

However, in a fiercely competitive world where the dynamics of learning, teaching, and administration seem to be changing rapidly, subjecting students, teachers, and schools to fierce competition and extraordinary standards, should doing just “fine” be acceptable? MBE is of the opinion, that with a little help from Educational Technology, schools can, not just raise their standards from fine to extraordinary, resulting in a higher rate of student success, but also join the movement of transforming the education system of the country.

In the age of digital evolution, where more and more schools are adopting MBE to keep up with the changing times and demands for comprehensive and effective schooling, some schools still prefer holding on to the old ways, thinking of MBE Technology as an advanced and complicated innovation, that demands additional effort, and time. Reality, however, couldn’t be farther from this notion. An efficient MBE platform, works with schools, teachers, and parents, to facilitate more effective learning, understanding student needs, empowering teachers, and assisting school management, to focus on what really matters, inconvenient yet holistic ways.

If your school is still left behind in digital evolution, here are five primary reasons to get on board and adopt MBE Technology.

1. Personalized Learning and Student Engagement

It is imperative that schools shift from traditional teaching approaches that assume the same lesson plans and teaching strategies work effectively on students holding varied learning styles, needs, interests, and aspirations. Student-centered learning is far more effective than direct teaching, making it the need of the hour in every school. Personalized learning recognizes individual student’s needs, and requires teachers to create lesson plans and teaching strategies accordingly, to ensure no student is left behind. The idea of assessing each student’s progress, pattern, learning style, behavior, and then building a learning profile to adopt the right teaching strategy, is without a doubt taxing and time-consuming, and that’s where choosing the right MBE platform, makes all the difference. MBE profiles psychometry and academics, amongst various other factors, to present relevant data to teachers. Teachers are also provided with toolkits to identify student needs on an individual basis. Our AI-powered engine, provides contextual recommendations and actionable data, for teachers to implement appropriate teaching methods. Teachers may also track student progress to assess the learning pace of different students, and creating their learning path accordingly. Insightful knowledge on what works and does not work for a student can help teachers deliver the same lesson plans through different methods. When students feel understood, and their learning needs are catered to at a personalized level, they are bound to be more participative in classrooms and learn without inhibitions. Furthermore, blended learning facilitated by MBE makes learning far more interesting, invoking curiosity and creativity in students, rather than intimidating them. With easy access to learning resources from anywhere and the enthusiasm technology creates, students are inclined to invest more time, attention, and interest in learning.

2. Teacher Professional Development

Good teachers are lifelong learners, who continually upgrade their knowledge and skills, to keep up with the times and changing student needs. Teachers familiar with necessary and ideal teaching strategies are bound to be more effective in the classroom, evoking students’ interest and participation in learning. Good teachers inspire excellence in students, that shows up in how they perform, not just in academics, but outside the classroom too. MBE platforms, that recognize this significance of teachers professional development, make teachers’ jobs easier, giving them the time and resources to invest in their own learning. MBE doesn’t just automate several repetitive tasks that take up a major portion of a teacher’s time, it also assists teachers with lesson plans, understanding student profiles, and curated content. Openly licensed educational resources empower teachers as creative professionals, by giving them the ability to adapt and customize learning materials, to meet the needs of their students, without breaking copyright laws. We also understand that 90 hours of continuous professional development is not enough, which is why we further provide courses and articles for teachers, throughout the year.

3. Reduced Workload

Teachers and schools are often overwhelmed with repetitive and administrative tasks, which take a major portion of their time, further increasing their workload. The same time could have otherwise been used on focusing on students’, professional development, or developing new strategies. Be it assessments, feedback, curation of content, schedule planning, compliance procedures, or tracking individual student progress, there are plenty of tasks that although important, can be automated, saving several hours of teachers’ and the school’s time. Increased workload related to repetitive tasks, is known to cause declining job satisfaction and morale among teachers. Timely intervention from MBE won’t just provide a much-needed boost in such cases but also increase retention rate. MBE assists schools with automating several such activities, without compromising on effectiveness, or quality.

4. Collaboration

Student progress is a team effort, requires constant collaboration, not just between students, but between teachers, students, parents, schools, and school networks too. The traditional schooling system does not provide enough opportunities for such collaboration, considering physical, and time limitations. However, introducing EdTech in your school could break these barriers, making collaboration easier, and more effective. From group projects to grouping students, from parent-teacher collaboration to different schools of the same network being connected, MBE brings all concerned parties together, seamlessly. A good example of efficient collaboration resulting in increased teacher effectiveness would be MBE technology enabling teachers to share their lesson plans and best practices across the school network, to collaborate with other teachers who may want to follow the same best practices.

5. Parental Involvement

A student’s learning journey, is ideally a combined effort, with the student, teachers, the school, and parents, all coming together. Parental support and involvement is an important, yet often overlooked aspect in learning. Parents’involvement should ideally go beyond signing report cards, receiving newsletters, and visiting the school every once in a while. Schools that partner with parents, don’t just win the trust and confidence of the latter, but also
boost student morale, resulting in better academic and overall progress. MBE technology doesn’t just let parents access their child’s 360-degree profile, it also provides timely insights and recommendations to parents accordingly. Parents are looped in their child’s progress on a continual basis, facilitating smoother conversations between the school and parents. Parental involvement doesn’t just end with academic inputs though. We understand academic progress is fuelled by the overall well-being of the child. Parents and teachers are notified when the 360 o profile indicates patterns or behavior that the child may need intervention on. Such detailed insights and inputs, help parents be more involved with their child and the school, without compromising on their own time or schedules.

Choosing the right MBE platform is as important as making the decision of adopting the same in your school. At MBE, we believe schools need more than just a technology platform to help students excel, they need a comprehensive platform, that caters to students, teachers, parents, and schools alike. Our advanced technology and features, set us apart, to be more than just a technology partner for your school.

Get in touch with us for an understanding of our comprehensive platform, and how we can be your school’s new digital strategy partner, helping you stay ahead in the race, and jump to the most relevant stage of digital evolution.

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