dialogEDU Features

dialogEDU Features

Amazing ease of use

  • for students

  • for instructors

  • for administrators


Deploy customized training and specific targeted content (audio/media/events/ and forums.) associated with specific job titles/ roles/audiences. Digital communities and social groups are targets to enhance the sharing of knowledge.

My Virtual Locker

Individual, private, and secure feature for learners to maintain active courses, forums, scheduled events, notifications, achievement badges and certificates.

Learning Repository

A digital library allows the instructor to create, re-use and share learning objects to standardize the organization of digital content. dialogEDU’s built-in authoring tool helps to build content quickly and create responsive quizzes, presentations, discussion topics, and assignments for the repository.


Robust case based multimedia learning objects. Simulations can assess competencies acquired through the learning tool, to evaluate critical thinking capabilities and the application of new knowledge.

Social Communities

Digital communities foster social interactions for the sharing of ideas, information and learning. Blogs and forums are social learning opportunities. Polls and surveys provide actionable feedback important in formal education and training.

Automatic Essay Grading

Within seconds after submission, each English essay will be graded with detialed report about grammar, spelling, punctuation and convection.

Sleek, Interactive Learning Environment

dialogEDU is an engaging learning ecosystem where learners can advance their skills and knowledge. Ease of use for learner, instructor and administrator; the system is intuitive.

Robust Reporting

Administrators have enterprise level analytics across every level of learning, through custom reports or leveraging existing analytics to make informed business decisions with accurate and real time data.

API & System Integration

External technologies easily integrate into dialogEDU to ensure a seamless and automated workflow for users and allow for multiple software platforms to communicate information directly.

Mobile Access

Content can be accessible for learners either via the web or any mobile device making access to the learning in dialogEDU available at anytime from anywhere.

MBE School

MBE School

An ultimate School Management System you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.


Simple and easy to use for your teachers: designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to quickly accomplish a task.


Powerful features for your institution: 45 ready to use modules


Affordable plans for unlimited number of student, teacher and parent logins.


Grow your institution to next level through MBE School Mobile App that helps connect teachers, parents, students at any time and any where.

Online Courses

Online Courses

MBE is a pioneer in supplying Course Content in Vietnam. We offer 10 higher education programs with over 100 different courses which can be customized to meet the needs of various clients and institutions.

Education Equipments

Education Equipments

MBE is supplying and distributing school equipments and smart education equipments to schools and educational institutions nationwide. Some of our outstanding products are as follow:

Interactive LED screen

Visual presenter

Video conferencing equipment

Smart desk

Smart podium

3D Classroom

Smart classroom

Smart library

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